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Meet our staff at Kars

Frank and Judy Konchar, owners and operators of Complete Automobile Repair/Reconditioning Services (KARS), have a deep-seated history of serving York County.

“We, as owners, have been servicing and providing service to York County residents for over 20 years in a variety of businesses,” says Frank. “We’ve always provided quality family-oriented service to our customers, coupled with honesty and respect and we’re proud of that.”

With this same philosophy, they founded KARS, a full-service automobile repair and service center located at 1985 Carlisle Road, in September 2007. The recently remodeled facility with a three-bay garage uses a blend of high tech machines and equipment and old school “know-how” to serve its customers.

How is our York Auto Repair Facility Different?

At KARS, the focus is on our customers’ concerns, customer education and promoting maintenance and safety. Customers enjoy a friendly, relaxed and helpful environment from the minute they enter the reception area.

As a customer you will receive a complimentary multi-point Vehicle Maintenance Service Inspection and are presented with a printout of the factory service recommendations tailor-made especially for you and your specific vehicle. With this information you can then plan and make educated service decisions to keep your vehicle running efficiently, safely and for as long as possible. “Remember,” says Judy, “regular service saves money, which is especially important in today’s economy.” When you do need a repair, we offer payment plans and repair financing to help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

KARS may not be a large repair shop, but their convenient location and friendly atmosphere results in an experience made for the individual. “Our smaller size puts us in a position to provide the best level of customer service and attention to detail,” says Frank. “We have a wealth of repeat customers due to the kind of personal service and convenience that are only possible in a neighborhood setting like this.”

We have served over 700 customers since opening the new location last year, many of whom utilize our referral program to tell their friends, family and neighbors about us. “We get referrals from customers who tell others that this is the only place they go with their vehicles. This is extremely satisfying,” says Frank. “We must be doing things right.”